Divine Prescription for Doctors

1. Fill your hearts with compassion and serve the poor and needy. Sacrifice is the hallmark of a true doctor.
2. There is no medicine more effective than a smile.
3. Speak kind and sweet words to the patients; for these words cure the patients.
4. Work happily and spread happiness to more and more patients.
5. Doctors should administer the injection of courage and encouragement to the patients.
6. As the Lord has Love and Compassion, the doctors too should have these Divine virtues of the Lord.
7. Medicines on their own cannot cure diseases; it is Divine Grace that cures.
8. When virtue increases, health improves.
9. To put in sincere effort is the duty of a doctor; success or failure is God’s Will.
10. Think and feel that the service you perform to the patients is direct service to God.
11. The help that you extend in good faith to your patients will be rewarded in course of time.
12. Man has been endowed with the human body not for seeking his selfish ends but for serving his Fellow-beings.
13. Cultivate awareness that the service, which Doctors perform for others, is nothing but service done onto themselves.
14. Observe harmony of speech and practice, lest you mislead the patients.
15. Restraint over food and life style ensure sound health of the heart.
16. The essential mark of a hospital is its cleanliness.
17. Hospitals are meant to serve the poor and not to make money.
18. You can charge the correct fee from the wealthy, but be kind and considerate in dealing with the poor.