Facilities and Services

  • Conducting general diagnosis and prescribing suitable treatments.
  • Conducting blood donation camps, Mother & Child care Camps, Eye camps, Bone Density Checkup Camps, Dental Camps, Diabetes Checkup etc.
  • Selective use of body and mind Medicare by Yoga Therapy, Meditational Therapy, Homeopathy/Ayurveda treatment, i.e. provision of alternative medicines where so ever required.
  • Provision of Pathological tests whenever possible.
  • Directing advanced cases to Sathya Sai affiliated hospitals & Government Hospitals.
  • Vaccination Camps jointly with other NGOs/Governmental Health Schemes particularly in rural areas. Infectious diseases continue to be the biggest killer, a scenario unchanged since independence.
  • Coordinating with local leaders/village panchayats etc. for a proper health plan.
  • Provision of Nutrition, hygiene and safe drinking water guidance, thus promoting a healthy life style, i.e. advising on preventive care and change of lifestyle. Mention may be made of a recent WHO report that states that one in every three malnourished children are from India, and about 50% of all childhood deaths in India are attributed to malnutrition. About 10% of the 27 million infants born do not survive for more than 5 years.
  • To harness and channelize effectively resources of the organization to bring about a world movement with the support of locals on the basis of local time management scheme.