Geographic Reach

The Project involves the acquisition of several designer mobile clinics/ dispensaries, fully furnished with state of art medical equipment. Each mobile clinic vehicle has an exclusive Color Combination with the Sai Emblem and Swami’s Message, “Brotherhood of Man...” or “Hands that Help are Holier than Lips that Pray” very prominently displayed on it. Each such mobile clinic is manned by at least two doctors, one driver and supported by our several members. Each mobile clinic/vehicle is functioning on a daily basis as per a fixed time-table in the target areas like slums, bhajan centres, schools, old age homes, factories, orphanages, villages, etc.

GeographicReach Mumbai city which launched the initial Pilot Project of Mobile Dispensaries is serviced by four such Mobile Clinics covering the following areas/zones demarcated by SSSSO Mumbai.

  • Zone 1 - South Mumbai - Navy Nagar to Mahim
  • Zone 2 - North West Mumbai
  • Zone 3 - Central and North East Mumbai
  • Zone 4 - Navi Mumbai and Panvel 
The project was replicated in all the Districts of Maharashtra and can be a source of inspiration to other states to implement the same, thus covering the entire country over a period of time. Thus Bhagavan’s vision of free health service to all will be fulfilled. Bhagavan has stressed time and again that Water, Health and Education should be available to all for free.
  • Currently 39 vans are operational all over Maharashtra
  • One of the vans is a specialized opthalmic van for conducting comprehensive eye camps in villages.
  • Compact vans have been fabricated in Tata high roof Winger models which have practically all the facilities available on the Tata 407 vans.
  • More than 30 lakh patients have been treated since inception of the project. 
Furthermore the overall management of the above project is conducted with the efficiency of a professionally managed corporation or organization. The efficiency and discipline of a hospital is being matched with the dedication and love of a spiritual organization.