Need for the Project


Needforproject Health is the real wealth, and to achieve anything in life one needs good health, which depends on many factors. If one is born into a wealthy or at least a middle class family, the parents will more than likely take care of their children’s health and provide nutritious food and healthy living conditions. Unfortunately this may be not true in case of poor people. Children growing up in meager living conditions without proper health facilities can suffer and may ultimately end up in low living.

Sathya Sai Baba, of India, has inspired millions of people across the globe to serve their fellow human beings, with pure love and without discrimination of color, creed, caste, religion or nationality. In fact, he has shown the world that selfless service is the real application of spirituality, and when people are suffering with poor health conditions, one’s prayers and efforts must be turned to serve them and save them from diseases.

With the blessings and grace of Sathya Sai Baba, the Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organization, Maharashtra & Goa, in India, launched a massive health care project in 2008, commonly known as “Medicare”, to serve the villagers at their doorsteps, with complete medical facilities. Sai Baba told the organizers “Do not wait for the opportunity to serve, go out and grab the opportunity that is already available,” and the organizers have done just that.

Most viable alternative

NeedforprojectHospitals and clinics play a useful role, but a vast number of diseases can be nipped in the bud by providing timely treatment, thus avoiding complicated treatment at a later stage. Mobile medical vans were acquired with in-built medical testing equipment. They were pressed into action after a formal inauguration by Sathya Sai Baba. Such mobile dispensaries are the most viable alternative in terms of cost, time and manpower resources.

Joint purchase of medicines and strategic partnerships has been initiated to manufacture an exclusive range of medicines for this project. The nonprofit Organization “Americare India” supports this project with a free supply of medicines, to a limited extent.

A centralized hub has been established, with proper drug licenses for acquiring, storing and distributing high quality medicines to all the mobile dispensaries.

Since its inception and through March 2015, over 30 lakh patients have received free medical help from this project. The Mobile vans are reaching out to over 45,000 patients on a monthly basis across the State of Maharashtra and Goa.

Currently 39 Vans are in service, serving over 26 Districts. Some of the larger Districts have more than 1 van in service. These vans are operating 6 days in a week and have scheduled visits to selected villages/slums and other areas that have a large population of under privileged people who are in need of basic medical help.

In addition, patients who are in need of surgical care are identified and scheduled for free surgery with the support of local hospitals and doctors. If patients require special surgeries, then arrangements are made to take them to or the Super Specialty Hospitals in Puttaparthi, where they get the best surgical treatment and medical attention, all free of cost.

Notably, these vans have expanded their scope over the years and are now also used to propagate children’s character development (Sathya Sai Bala Vikas programme), prayers, spiritual singing (bhajans), and the distribution of health/nutritional biscuits. Videos on Sathya Sai Baba's life and works, and posters on health and hygiene, are displayed by some vans.

Positive results

The health standards of inmates of the adopted villages have improved significantly over the period, and their ability to work hard and improve their economic status has gone up, too, resulting in true empowerment.

Future plans

The organizers of this project are determining ways to improve and expand this Mobile Medicare Project. The Sathya Sai Seva Organization, Maharashtra & Goa, will seek to:

  • Cover the State of Maharashtra & Goa with at least one mobile van in each district, either individually or jointly with an adjacent district.
  • Have all adopted villages be cataract- and malnutrition-free
  • Establish emergency management plans for all covered areas.
  • Initiate social and medical counseling in all adopted villages and slums, with special efforts to to educate inhabitants on various health, hygiene, nutrition, and sanitation issues
  • Establish ties between all Sathya Sai Seva Samithis in Maharashtra & Goa State, local hospitals, and like-minded individuals and organizations for providing super-specialty services.
  • Organize vaccination camps with the help of local authorities for diseases such as typhoid, jaundice, and polio. Organize specialized camps such as vision, mother and child, orthopedic, and dental care on a regular basis.

Service volunteers (sevadals) and Sai Women’s Organizations (mahilas) will educate Sai colony inmates and residents of adopted villages on health, hygiene, nutrition, and sanitation.

We invite our well-wishers to join us on our visits to villages and help to spread awareness of this divine and noble service to our fellow human beings.